Guarantor Loans up to £10,000

Guarantor Loans from Whitestar Loans

Guarantor loans from Whitestar. Yay!

Guarantor loans from £1,000 up to £10,000. We do not charge upfront fees. We do not ask for your credit card details and we are completely independent of any other guarantor loan providers in the UK.

You can call us on 0151 200 4898 where you can speak directly to our payout team (not a call centre)


If applying for a guarantor loan then your guarantor must be a homeowner (a mortgage is fine) and we can also accept state benefits as a ‘top up’ to the main income.

You can apply for a guarantor loan by applying here.

Guarantor loans from Whitestar allow individuals with a poor credit history to obtain credit by applying for a loan with a suitable guarantor and this guarantor must have a decent credit history. We arrange loans up to £10,000 and as low as £1,000. We credit score the guarantor and their credit score determines how much you (the applicant) can borrow. Whitestar Loans provide UK guarantor lending products and we challenge you to find a loan provider that offers such a friendly service anywhere else. You can find out more by visiting our guarantor loan FAQs.

Please note:
Guarantor loans are a quick solution to your immediate cash needs, not a long term answer to your ongoing financial situation. Avoid any company that asks you for your bank details upfront. There is no need for them to take them at this stage. We are one of the UK’s most respected guarantor loan providers and two of our management team have held senior positions with major UK banks and loan lenders which is why set our standards very high indeed and most of our customers recommend us to their friends. No fuss, no hassle, jargon free guarantor and unsecured loans arranged up to £10,000 and over 90% paid out within 48 hours.

We just know that when other companies have declined your loan application, you will come back to us because we can agree clients in principle who have been turned down elsewhere. Guarantor loans can be used for any reason at all and after 6 months (and a steady payment history), you can top up your loan if you wish to, subject to affordability.

We are also fully authorised by the FCA as you can see from this link here.

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